How To Make Photo Crystal Gifts

One of the most popular trends this year has been the crystal photo gift. A crystal photo frame, photo album, photo key chain, and photo charm all can be designed with a photo set of your choice. The use of crystal photo has become very popular with many people using crystal photo to accent their personal style and give them something unique to wear each day. Personalized crystal photo gifts have become the in thing this season. You will see everyone having a crystal photo ring on their finger, a crystal photo mouse pad, or a crystal photo necklace for women. Here we have three ways you can personalize your crystal photo gift to make it even more special

The first way is to use a luminous base with your crystal photo block and create a 3D effect by inserting a luminous colored photograph of an object into the photo block and then tucking the luminous base beneath the photo block so that the effect is not visible until the item is removed from the crystal photo block. This photo blocks can be made from sterling silver, gold plating, glass, and pewter plating and in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The photo block can then be laid out on a card and the front side can have a personal motto or name added or simply a word or phrase in a script. Some popular phrases include “You Are in Love”, “A Time of Love” and” cherish the memory”.

The second way is to use a laser photo block that is specially designed to print a crystal photo using your own photographs. To make your photo special you can use your favorite picture that you have already taken or design a photo block around another photograph. You would then use a special ink you can buy at any craft store or ink and paper to transfer the photograph onto the crystal photo block. To make your laser photo block you will need an ordinary printer and some ink rollers

The last method is to use a 3d image manipulation software program to print your photo crystal. This is the easiest method but it can also be a little pricey if you have to use a professional image manipulation company to do it for you. The technique is to use your computer, a 3d image manipulation software program, and a projector to create the illusion of a crystal photo. Firstly you will need a large enough screen on which to project your crystal image, then select the shape and size of your object of interest, such as a heart or a star. Next, place the object in the middle of the 3d image with the projection pointing downwards

Finally you will need to import your favorite photographs into the 3d picture program. Select the photographs you want to use in your crystal photo gifts and import them one at a time into the program. When you are happy with the images simply export the file as a JPEG file and save it on your hard drive. The whole process should take about an hour for each photograph.

These are just some methods you can use to make your own crystal photo gifts. You may prefer to make a set of all your favorite photos into a single CD. Just download a favorite picture from your computer and save it as a JPEG file. Wrap this up in a CD label and pop it in the mail. Your friends and family will be sure to appreciate this unique gift!

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